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There are a lot of variations of cannabis extracts and cannabis products, to the point that it can become confusing when it comes to understanding each type on the market. Curious first-timers and those who already dabble in some of the best cannabis concentrates may be looking to explore what’s out there, but without knowing how the products are made or their effects, it can be intimidating!

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a basic guide to cannabis concentrates, specifically Trendi products. We’ve got a list of some of the best luxury cannabis products and the differences between each concentrate. Let’s take a closer look!

Cannabis Concentrates

Live Resin Badder

One of the newest extraction techniques for luxury cannabis products is flash freezing the bud after cultivation. When this happens, the terpene profiles and THC content is preserved, which makes for a bigger, better flavor compared to other methods of extraction. Live resin should be stored at room temperature as the mix itself resembles a wet wax. Trendi offers a variety of live resin badder flavors, including Banana Punch and Lemon Banana available in .5g, and 1g.


It’s the most well known of all the cannabis concentrates on the market – aside from cannabis oil – and shatter has its very own niche. It’s called shatter because of the way that it looks brittle, as well as its ability to shatter very easily. There is a range of colors available, but it’s usually an orange and yellow mix. Sometimes, it can be crystal clear, but that really depends on the extraction method. It’s a potent option as the THC ranges up to 90%, which makes it the purest form of cannabis products one can consume. Trendi has a range of shatter products, including Pineapple Fantaa, Purple Champagne and Durban Poison.

Vape/Cannabis Oil


Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume luxury cannabis products, and cannabis concentrate in oil form is the top way to consume it. Trendi makes the best vape pen around, and the products include Grape Valley Kush and Grape Cookies. It’s the most popular method of consumption because of the clean end product it produces. There are stringent regulations surrounding testing facilities, so we offer pure cannabis oil with luxury vape offerings and flavor profiles that get better and better. 

Why Choose Trendi

Trendi specializes in more than just vape pens, we offer premium luxury concentrates. Trendi puts the customer experience first, with the best vape pen products to create the trend. Trendi only uses the best technology and a clear, unique approach to deliver a product that enables each user to stand out.