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Are you interested in vaping luxury cannabis? You may be worried about how obvious this will be, particularly if you like to use your vape pen throughout the day. However, if you are used to smoking cannabis you will be pleased to discover that using the best disposable vape pen can be a far more discreet experience. In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of vaping you may not be aware of as well as some tips on how to stay discreet. 

Lighter ‘Smoke’ 

One of the biggest benefits of vaping luxury cannabis products is that the ‘smoke’ produced isn’t really smoke at all. Instead, what you create is vapor. This disperses far more quickly and is a lighter substance compared to the smoke that comes from the typical joint. As such, you could vape and within seconds the vapor in the air could have disappeared completely. This is one of the reasons why it’s such a discreet option and so popular with modern users. 

The Smell and Flavor

One of the tell-tale signs of using cannabis has always been the smell and taste. The smell for some cannabis items will linger in the air for hours, but this is not the case when you vape. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, luxury disposable pens are produced in a way to ensure a high level of consistency between products, so, you can avoid issues such as lingering scents. Secondly, the product is burned inside a glass cylinder, containing the vapor inside. The flavor can be regulated too simply by choosing a particular strain that you want. 

Tips And Tricks 

Be sure to keep your disposable pen in an upright position as much as possible whether your on the go or at night. Not only does it protect anything from getting into the mouthpiece but also keeps your oil collected at the bottom for optimal hits. As well as the position, be careful where you leave it. I.e in the car during a hot day is not the best for your oil to sit baking, literally. If you want to make sure that you are vaping in a way that’s discreet as possible, you may want to consider a Trendi product. Trendi provides the best disposable for luxury cannabis products. Sleek and elegant, the pen will slip inside your pocket and can disappear out of sight when you need it to. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry throughout the day making it the perfect little companion.

We hope this helps you understand how to vape discreetly and ensure that you still love the sensation the best disposable vape may provide. While vaping can be used to create an impression, it can also be far more subtle and discreet, fitting easily into your daily life.