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Don’t follow the Trend. Be the Trend.

Founded in 2018, Trendi has been rocking the cannabis industry by creating cartridges, vapes, and dab extracts with unrivaled effects and potency. Made only from premium top-shelf flower to ensure an elevated, intoxicating experience- Trendi specializes in expertly crafting the most sought after strains from the most popular brands on the market, including our own superior in-house flower. We are passionate cannabis consumers making products for others like us.

Currently sold in Nevada and California dispensaries.

All Trendi products are lab-tested to maintain Trendi’s quality standard, every time, for a truly superior experience.

Live Resin Badder

Using fresh frozen flower from the top cultivations in Nevada, Trendi live resin badder makes for a bigger, better flavor compared to other methods of extraction.  Wet and bright with terpenes from the best bud in the state, this buttery concentrate is insanely potent and full of terpy flavor.

Live Resin Sauce

Resembling a wet, sugary wax, Trendi live resin sauce is one of the latest concentrate products from our production. Using fresh frozen cannabis exclusively from Nevada’s top brands, Trendi live resin is extracted for potency, purity, and flavor. These bright terpenes mixed together with the strain specific THCA crystals make for the best quality sauce in the state.

Trendi Flower

Trendi now offers top-shelf flower collections, available in limited small batch runs. Trendi specializes in expertly sourcing the most popular strains from highly sought-after cultivators in the state, making these limited collections a must-have for every consumer.

Cured Shatter

Our Trendi shatter line offers up a range of crispy cured concentrates from Nevada’s premium cannabis producers. With resin ranging in color from amber to gold, this glassy hydrocarbon extraction is a potent option as THC can range up to 90%. 

Vapes and Cartridges

Trendi cannabis oil is revolutionizing the industry by creating cartridges and vapes built for portability and convenience that offer unrivaled effects and potency. Extracted exclusively from top-shelf flower brands to ensure an elegant and sophisticated experience, Trendi is 100% cannabis derived distillate that contains live resin and/or cannabis derived terpenes. Trendi oil is available in both a 500mg 510 cartridge or 300mg disposable vape.


Trendi Superblunts+ is a premium pre-rolled cannabis hemp wrap loaded with 2 grams of top-shelf flower, infused with .5 grams of premium indoor crumble, sealed with .1 gram of live resin sauce, and sprinkled with .15 grams of indoor kief. These premium infused pre-rolls are available in multiple strains.


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