Trendi. Best Disposable Vapes For Those Who Become The Trend.

Founded in 2018, TRENDI disposable vape pens are made with premium top-shelf flower and concentrates to make sure you live life elevated. The design is based directly on the lifestyle of Las Vegas Vape Pen users who are uniformly seeking a sleek, compact, easy-to-use disposable vape and concentrate product that offers a premium feel and quality experience. We want you to stand out. All of our concentrates for vape pens are lab-tested to ensure supreme quality, every time. Overseen by Planet 13’s VP of Operations and award-winning grower Chris Wren, TRENDI is powered by a curated variety of strains, processed into ultra-premium disposable vapes and concentrates at Planet 13’s production facilities. The TRENDI line of products is currently exclusive to the Planet 13 Superstore. The question of “where to buy vape pens in Las Vegas” is no longer necessary. Follow The Trendi.

Stand Out From the Rest. It’s in the Details.

Cannabis Oil Vape Pens

Designed to fit easily in your shirt pocket or handbag for ease of use.


Premium concentrates to make sure you live life elevated.


Our premium quality badder concentrates uphold a high level of potency and purity.