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Do you enjoy vaping cannabis throughout the day? You’re not alone. Countless people have begun to use cannabis due to the potential benefits that it may provide. Some research suggests that vaping cannabis can help you relax. Many users have found that luxurious cannabis allows them to take the pressure off, reduce stress and get through a busy business or personal schedule far more easily. Of course, there is a problem with vaping cannabis through the day and that’s the smell the vapor gives off. If you want to keep things discreet at the office or elsewhere, this is going to be a complete giveaway. 

There are lots of discreet ways to vape cannabis. For instance, you can use disposable vape pens. These are small enough to fit in your pocket and as the name suggests are no bigger than a pen. They are quick to work so you won’t have to spend significant time getting the right type of set up, which is great news. But what about the scent?

Does Vaping Cannabis Smell? 

Vaping cannabis can create a distinct smell. What this smell is and particularly how strong it is will largely depend on the type of cannabis strain you use. Don’t forget, there are different strains and these strains dramatically impact the sensory experience. 

Here’s the big benefit of vaping though. The smell is often far less detectable than it would be if you were smoking or consuming cannabis in flower form. 

Why is this? Well, when you smoke cannabis, you burn the bud and this creates a strong scent. Particularly, if you use a poor quality product. However, with vaping, you will typically heat the product rather than burning it. As the name states, vaping cannabis produces vapor not smoke which is usually lighter in scent and can dissipate quicker.

Unlike when you smoke cannabis, the smell can linger longer and be a dead giveaway to others.

Beating The Smell 

There are lots of ways to stop the smell of becoming an issue. Purchasing a carrying case or keeping in a discreet bag will store your disposable vape pen and keep it out of sight on others.

Think about where you are using the product. For instance, if you want to make sure that the smell disperses quickly then ventilation should be a key consideration. Make sure that windows and doors are left open.

Think about the type of cannabis you are using. Cannabis extracts are available in a variety of forms including both shatter and oil. 

You should think about the post-vape as well. If you are using luxury vape products, there can still be a certain smell. A key mistake is to try to cover this with another strong scent. This can actually attract more attention. Instead, you should spray lightly with air freshener and ensure that there is a constant covering. 

An easy way to make your vaping session undetectable to those around you is to keep a stash of breath mints or gum with you. Pop in a mint after vaping to eliminate the cannabis smell off your breath especially if you have meetings or our you want to keep your habits to yourself.

Take this advice and you will be able to enjoy vaping cannabis while keeping things completely discreet.