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The consumption of cannabis has become very popular as of late and this could be due to the vaping trend. Vaping has been shown to be a great way to consume cannabis and does offer a surprisingly different experience compared to smoking flower. Here are a few of the differences you can expect and the reason why cannabis might be more potent or may even last longer when consumed this way. 

More Potent 

If you want a stronger sensation or feeling when consuming cannabis, then vaping could certainly be the best method. With vaping, you will be consuming pure cannabis oil. This is far more potent compared to the smoking flower method and may even provide a more powerful kick. The effects are true whether you are using your Trendi vape to relax or invigorate. THC can also be distilled and adapted in a variety of different ways that also increases the potency of the product. The impact will be particularly pronounced for those who are not regular users and may be experiencing vaping for the first time. 

This could be due to the fact that when vaped, there is a strong presence of THC in the bloodstream compared to smoking cannabis. Indeed, vaping luxury cannabis oil nearly doubled the levels in the bloodstream. 

Subtle And Discreet

Another big difference between vaping and smoking luxury cannabis is the type of smoke you create. In fact when you vape you won’t be producing smoke at all. Instead, as the name suggests, it’s vapor. This diffuses far more rapidly and does not produce the same smell or high level of flavor. As such, it’s a far more controlled and restrained experience.


You are also getting a more efficient experience when you use the best vape pen from a luxurious cannabis item. If you smoke flower, you lose up to 50% of the cannabis due to side-stream smoke. With vaping, very little product is lost, because the item is heated up and then trapped in a chamber. So, if you want to make the most of the product you’re purchasing, vaping could definitely be the best choice. 


When you smoke flower it’s possible and indeed likely that the effect and the consistency is going to differ depending on the grower. Vape products are manufactured in a way that compensates this completely. Ultimately, instead, what you may get is a similar type of experience.

If you are considering vaping, you should consider opting to use one of Trendi’s luxury vaporizers. These are designed to provide the ultimate compliment for cannabis users keen to get that perfect sensation. Due to the high temperature and the best cannabis strains, you may get a long-lasting effect and the right aesthetic if you choose the best disposable pen from Trendi.

We hope this helps you understand the difference between vaping and smoking flower. Ultimately, many will find that the benefit of experiencing luxury cannabis with the best vape pen is an opportunity that’s too great to resist.