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There are many reasons why more and more men and women have begun to use recreational cannabis more regularly in recent years. Of course, the widespread legalization has done a lot to promote the use of one of nature’s most misunderstood plants. In the digital age, intelligent cannabis users are able to set aside the misinformation, fear-mongering and smear campaigns and access the medical research that enables them to make informed choices. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the rise of legalized cannabis and the rise of vape culture have neatly coincided to combine the cultural and social aspects of vaping with the potential medicinal qualities of cannabis.

But what makes a premium vape? Here we’ll look at what goes into the making of high-end cannabis vape pens and cartridges, the pitfalls of opting for cheaper brands and why premium and luxury vape pens get you a whole lot more for your money.

Pay for a toy, get a toy

It’s understandable to see the appeal in a cheaper product that looks similar and does exactly the same thing to its higher-end counterparts. Nonetheless, cheaper vape pens are invariably made from inferior cheap plastic and silicone parts. The kind of parts you’d find in a child’s toy. And when you pay for a toy, you get a toy! Cheaper vape pens may be prone to leakage and malfunction and won’t last you nearly as long.

The difference is in the parts and materials

Cannabis oil is thicker and more viscous than vape oil, manufacturers need to thin out the oil to make it more vape friendly. Unfortunately, lower end manufacturers are less than discerning when it comes to what they use to thin out their fluids. Some budget manufacturers use polyethylene glycol, a carcinogenic ethylene oxide or household solvents like propylene glycol which can result in adverse effects for users. This is why you should always use cartridges which are made or approved by higher-end manufacturers. The best vape pen is one that doesn’t skimp on parts and materials and prioritizes user experience over cutting down manufacturing costs.

Let’s not forget it’s what’s inside that counts. The interior of your vape pen determines everything from the quality of insulation to the taste of each “hit”. High-end manufacturers will use premium quality ceramics like zirconia while cheaper manufacturers will use steel, aluminum or even brass (which could be toxic).

Improved functionality and customization

High-quality vape pens also offer improved functionality and customization, allowing users to control the temperature of fluids and make or a more precise and customizable vaping experience.

Warranty for your peace of mind

Rarely will a cheaper manufacturer offer you a warranty on their product. Manufacturers who put the effort into developing their vape pens and choosing the best materials stand by the quality of their products.

Trendi. Be The Trend

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